Frametek Window and Door Co.,Ltd.

FRAMETEK Window and Door Co.,Ltd.

We are the leader in the industry of manufacturing and installing FACADE Curtain Wall doors, windows, aluminum and glass that have been accepted by leading real estate developers and architects in Thailand.

Frametek Window and Door Co., Ltd. was established in June 2004 with a registered capital of 25 million baht with a team of officers and staff up to 150 people serving. Both offices, factories and construction sites. and with a service system that meets certified standards ISO 9001-2015

In addition, Frametek Window and Door Co., Ltd., we also focus on continuous quality improvement. By investing in product development, personnel and modern machinery. to get the best product Makes you confident in the quality of all our products.


Frametek is committed to developing organizations, products and services with quality.

Our Vision

Our business must grow continually and steadily. Covering both domestically and internationally

Our Mission

Develop products to meet customer needs Develop our products to maximize the benefits for our customers.

Frametek is committed to organizational development. quality products and services


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