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Aluminium cladding

Frametek Window and Door Co., Ltd. added Aluminum Curtain Wall and Aluminum Cladding products, which is the latest Silicone Structural Glazing Unitized System by using high quality materials and equipment for assembly.

To get the color as the customer wants with glass and composite panel plans and standardized equipment Mainly imported from abroad, Frametek Windows and Doors Co., Ltd. chooses to use technology to inspect and supervise every production process. with modern machinery by skilled technicians as well as close quality control by engineers in order to get quality work and meet international standards meet customer requirements


Our balcony railings, aluminum and glass are of high quality. Long service life without cracking, shrinking, bulging, bending or twisting.

Manufactured from powder coated aluminum for a wide range of applications including pool deck railings. Products great quality have a long service life easy to maintain It can be used in both modern buildings and old classic style buildings. There is no need for a bottom frame.

to support glass prevent stepping on Not an accumulation of dirt easy to clean Our aluminum balcony railings are of high quality. And has a long service life without breaking, shrinking, bulging, bending or twisting, you can choose the color to be coated by yourself.

Curtain wall System

We specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of curtain wall glass systems for high-rise buildings, bringing over 20 years of expertise to every project

Fence and gate

Aluminum fence and blinds coated with Powder Coating designed to be easy to assemble. high strength, light weight

Products made of coated aluminum, powder coating system, designed to be easy to assemble. without welding High strength, light weight, long service life. easy to maintain

Glass Bridge

Frametek Glass Bridge at its best under the standard of design work from Australia Outstanding features of Glass Bridge Frametek, beautiful, exciting, exciting when touched. Safe with 3 layers of safety glass, thicker than 40 MM. Choose the color as needed. Perfect design Choose the thickness of the glass as appropriate.

Glass wall

Glass Walls are an essentially transparent wall, and resemble Glass blocks. Now, with the addition of Glass Walls, it is possible to make “windows” that can produce safe, natural light. You can also use glass walls to construct a greenhouse for gardening in. You can place them “contiguously” or in a paned-glass pattern depending on preferred aesthetics.

Shutter sunshade

Aluminum louvre window And the sunshade panel is strong and durable because it is made of high quality aluminum. It has outstanding features including strength and durability because it is made from high quality aluminum. Can be used both externally and internally Can choose to use both types of fixed doors, sliding doors and folding doors, can be used both outside and inside Powder coated color system

Window and door

Outstanding and elegant aluminium windows and door for a variety of architectural designs.


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