Frametek Window and Door entrust variety of quality products to complete our customers’ demand.

Curtain Wall Systems

Our Curtain Wall System are qualified export standard, with great deal.

Aluminium Cladding

We can guarantee that our aluminium cladding are made of the best quality materials.

Glass Wall

Our glass walls are qualified export standard, with great deal.

Windows & Doors

Our windows and doors will add up elegancy to any diversified planning concept.


Our balustrade are durable without any altercation of breaking, shrinking, swelling, bending or twisting.

Shutters & Sunshade

Our sunshades and shutters are topnotch heavy-duty, made of high quality aluminium.

Fence & Gate

Our Fences and Gates are design for no-fusses set up, Solid but light.

Shower Screen

Our shower screens are designed in details under Australian designing standard.

Aluminium Profile & Material Supply

Our Aluminium profile & Material supply are qualified export standard, with great deal.