Glass Bridge

Frametek Glass Bridge is designed in details under Australian designing standard.
Exceptional qualities include :
  • Magnificent and exciting experience
  • Absolute Safety of triple glass more than 40 mm thickness .
  • distinctive choices of color
  • excellent design
  • choose your prefer thickness of glass

Pivoting Series 2010 Framed Pivoting Shower Screen System with Framed Doors

  • Pivoting Shower screen Pivoting Series 2010
  • Excellent with the anti-splash design with the solidly seal system, helps separate wet and dry area to prevent the setback.
  • Excellent spindle of Pivoting Series 2010 that created to reduce the friction forces, helps diminishes the noises, door sealed closed and water leak.


pivoting_code1 Pivoting Series 2010 Code: P1 single panel size 700×1850 mm.

pivoting_code2 Pivoting Series 2010 Code: 90P1F1 90′ open panel size 900x900x1850 mm.

pivoting_code3 Pivoting Series 2010 Code: 135P1F2 135′ open panel size 540+650+540×1850 mm.

Sliding Series 2009 Framed sliding shower screen system with framed doors

Sliding Series 2009 Framed sliding shower screen system with framed doors

  • Adaptable Angle System, helps preventing the sliding door from fall of the rail or unclosed.
  • Overall structure has won the 1st price Australian Design Award
  • Anti-Bump Cord System designed to help door slide smoothly and discreet.



sliding_code1 Sliding Series 2009 Code: 2S1F1 two panels sliding door size 1200×1850 mm.

sliding_code2 Sliding Series 2009 Code: 3S2F1 three panel sliding door size 900×1850 mm.


sliding_code3 Sliding Series 2009 Code: 3S2F1F1 three panel sliding door with light panel size 900x900x1850 mm.